DynaCushion Wear Mats

The patented DynaCushion Wear Mat is constructed of 100% recycled tire rubber, and is designed to eliminate erosion around playground equipment and kick out areas at all play structure exits. The DynaCushion has excellent shock absorbency characteristics with a certified 6 ft. fall height, therefore making it the best value in the industry.


R20C48724X6X2192 lbs
R20C48484X4X2128 lbs
R20C48364X3X296 lbs
R20C48244X2X264 lbs


No other wear mat can match the innovative design of the DynaCushion Wear Mat, stability, longevity, durability, and resistance to wear.

Performance Warranty

DynaCushion Wear Mat is guaranteed to be in compliance with ASTM F1292-94 and F1951, designed to provide a new level of confidence and protection.

Product Warranty

DynaCushion Wear Mats carry a 5 year limited product warranty against defective materials and manufactures workmanship of the product.


DynaCushion Wear Mat
is certified to meet ASTM requirements for impact attenuation.


Test DescriptionTest Ref.Results
Wear ResistantASTM D3884Passed
Slip ResistantASTM F-1677Passed
Non FlammableASTM 2859Passed
Non ToxicASTM 2075Lead: Not Detected